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Americanspecialops -

Info, photos and video of American special ops. This website features detailed unit profiles of Navy SEALs, Rangers, Special Forces and other elite troops.

Armyvet -

Online Information for Army Veterans, Active Duty, and Military Families

Iwoncorp -

Iwon international corp. is a specialized trading corporation dealing with the import and export of light industrial products such as: Expandable Baton, Crossbow, and Stun gun which can be used by police.

Rddusa -

RDDUSA Carries a huge army surplus clothing inventory from all over the world, including the US and Europe such as French, Dutch, German, Italian, Israeli, British, Hungarian, Swiss, Norwegian, Swedish and Czech G.I Military clothing and Army Field Gear.

Strategypage -

Military News as History, we report the important military events from around the world from a historic prospective.