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Jdownton -

Why am I so damn unhappy? Is written by a fictional character named "Dr. Bob." He is a former stand-up comedian who became a happiness coach. Using humor and honesty, bob wakes people up to what is making them unhappy and shows them what to do about it.

Lifegardening -

Daily Awakenings inspire new ways of thinking and living, so happiness, wisdom and creativity grow. Changing every day and accompanied by a beautiful photograph, these words of affirmation create positive life changes.

Personalcoachingonline -

Proven methods of how you can unleash the power within yourself and achieve all you dreams. You are about to discover the simple path to your success, financial independence, fulfillment & confidence. Personal development and self-growth for everybody.

Philosophyofchiropractic -

Chiropractic history and chiropractic philosophy detailed through chiropractic books. History of chiropractic, philosophy of chiropractic in these chiropractic philosophy books.