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Birthrecordsearch -

Find birth records instantly with its birth search engine. It's very easy to find someone’s birth records, just enter their name and click search. You will find many details about that person.

Certifiedcertificatesuk -

Research UK Ancestors in England, Wales, Scotland and British Overseas from yr 1800 with a Birth, Marriage, Death record search by year. Order a BMD copy certificate registered in UK & Ireland to aid with Genealogy Family History research

Genealogy-essentials -

Share genealogical news and events with fellow genealogists. Tracing the family pedigrees-- all the developments, tools and resources you'll need to peer more closely into your family tree.

Genealogyguides -

Find Clues in Irish Genealogy, Research Your Family History Genealogy like A Professional

Marriagerecordsonline -

A site which is designed to show you all the best marriage record archives online. You will get complete USA marriage records. Moreover you will also get information about the date of marriage, place of marriage, Bride's name and age, country and state of

Myetymology -

Striving to be a universal etymological dictionary, this website provides an etymology for hundreds of thousands of words in dozens of languages, tracing their etymology to Latin, Greek or reconstructed Proto-Germanic and Indo-European roots.

Namesdir -

Names Directory has a huge collection of firstnames and surnames browsable alphabetically or by popularity.

Northcarolinagenealogy -

North Carolina genealogy and family history articles, news and references. General genealogy articles and resources. Good reference point for the research of family genealogy in North Carolina with reference divided by county.

People2search -

Perform your own background check and people search about anyone, anytime, anywhere. Conduct criminal background check. Find public records.

Southcarolinagenealogy -

South Carolina genealogy and history focused site with articles on South Carolina history and historical events. Also includes a large collection of information indexed by county, many resources, links and some family histories posted as well.

Vandersloot -

This site will feature the VanderSloot family history, genealogy book and all things related to the Frank VanderSloot family.