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American-history -

It is impossible to reflect on the truly great leadership that has been one of the real blessings of this nation without including the name of George Washington in that list.

Artshowamherst -

Information on the history of everything financial. Making money, saving money and gambling your money.

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History-of-macedonia -

Blog about the History of Macedonia through ages.

Historyandlegends -

Historical books on Scotland, written with passion by Scotsmen intimately connected to their heritage and past. The way of life, the wars, the love and romance, clans and their castles. The evangelist, Duncan Matheson in spotlight and much, much more.

Historyfacts101 -

Great History Facts all in one place.

Historynexus -

A website that aims to be a central portal for the subject of history on the net. Subjects so far are biographies, genealogy, publications, courses and organisations. Users can freely join, add content and contribute.

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Images In Olden Times - Vietnam's History Photos : Vietnam ,Vietnam Images ,Vietnam Photos ,Vietnamese ,Etymology ,History ,Government ,Politics ,Subdivisions ,Geography ,Climate ,Nature ,Economy ,Military ,Transport ,Population ,Languages ,Religions ,Edu

Knightsdarkness -

Exploration of events that occurred during the Renaissance and Medieval period. Formation of secret societies in the 12th century. History of the Knights Templar, Priory of Sion, and Freemasonry. Religious and political influence of secret orders.

Maidofheaven -

Big website about Saint Joan of Arc with information about the biography Maid of Heaven by author Ben D. Kennedy and complete biographical information about Saint Joan of Arc. Contains a long biography, timeline, quotes, references, pictures, videos, mo

Mochola -

A comprehensive guide to Russian Emigration after 1917. Biographical databases. Photoarchive. Research results accompanied by original documents, paper extracts.

Mocterranordica -

The website of the Military Order of the Collar will include a periodic summary of news and documents on the history of the Royal House of Aragon, Majorca and Sicily.

Multimedialearning -

US history lesson plans include american revolutionary war lesson plans, social studies lesson plans, social studies games, civil war lesson plans, world history, world war ii lesson plans, cold war.

Onthisdayinhistory -

With the "On This Day In History" software program, you can discover events, births, deaths, and holidays on today's date.

Pakistanshining -

The global community has completely different image of Pakistan: The image of a nation full of extremism and terrorism. This website is an attempt to portray the true picture of Pakistan. Pakistan is one of the most culturally rich and socially diverse c

Roman-empire -

Very detailed history of the roman empire and its kings, wars and customs, from the first four kings of Rome to Romulus Augustus.

Royalsplendour -

Royal families, past and present. Their history, present status, wealth and lifestyle.

Russiannesteddolls -

Russian nested dolls or Matyroshka dolls (also called babushka or babooshka dolls)are the most popular and enduring Russian folk souvenirs. This site explains what they are, how they came into being, their history and how to make them.

Smithsonianmag -

Articles from the Smithsonian Institution's award-winning, monthly general interest magazine, plus exclusive web articles, videos, blogs, photographs and more.

Staremapy -

Stare mapy obszaru Polski z okresu przedwojennego.

Visit-sidney -

Visit the treasures of All- American City, Sidney Ohio from the historic downtown courtsquare, the Monumental Building, and Louis Sullivan’s ‘jewel bank,’ Peoples Federal Savings and Loan, to the covered bridge and Big Rock in Tawawa Park.